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When it comes to sex on the phone, different people have different opinions. Some people consider it a strange way to have a good time on the phone, and other people consider it strange and dirty. If you want to learn the idea of ​​sexual sex with a woman, you must understand that for her she may think that this is strange and dirty. Making a woman try to have sex with a phone is not always easy, but if that is what you want to happen, keeps reading.

There are several small tips and tricks that can help you guide her so she can at least try it. There is nothing wrong with a small experiment, and if you talk on the phone, it seems like something you want to try with a woman, this can usually be achieved.

Here are some tips on how to make her try to have sex with you:

  1. Start the conversation as usual.

If you start a conversation trying to make her sexy, and this is something that seems strange or uncomfortable, she will eventually hang you. I might end up wondering why you say that or something like that, but you really do not want to risk yourself and never call again. Therefore, you should take things as always, with it, so that you start in the right place.

  1. Knit in some sexual innuendos and comments in a conversation to make it work.

He always wants to be subtle in matters related to sexual contact with a woman, unless he is someone who is really there and is stupid with his sexuality. If you stick to the conservative side, when it comes to sex, too many conversations too soon will end up giving you the opportunity to ask them to talk to you on the phone. See how he reacts and uses his reaction as a signal about whether to continue or remain thin.

  1. Do not make her feel like a sex telephony operator.

One of the main reasons why a woman will resist the idea of ​​having telephone sex is the simple fact that she does not want to feel like a sex telephony operator. If this is the woman you know and you make her feel like she’s just someone calling to become a stranger, then she’ll probably feel a little cheap and used by you.