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In childhood, sexual games normally fit into a small scenario like the game of doctor or dad and mom. Sometimes even some children will reproduce the act of “making love” while lying on top of each other.

This type of sexual exploration is spontaneous and intermittent. This means that a sexual game can be experienced unexpectedly, in a context that has not been premeditated by children: children’s party, visiting, day camp, school, etc. .

But how to determine that a sexual game is “childlike” and “normal”?

Today’s society is paradoxical in its desire to protect children from deviant or abusive behavior by adults while repeatedly subjecting them to images and speeches infused with violence, sexuality or disrespect for others.

This same society is astonished, outraged, even scandalized when children in their games re-enact the world in which they are daily bathed since their youngest age. As often when confronted with its own image, society, after a moment of stupefaction, is led to look for the responsible who has induced such behavior in children.

The sexuality of the child differs in many ways from adult sexuality, both physically and psychologically. Indeed, the needs related to the exploration of sexuality are very different. The child explores above all curiosity, search for information, pleasure and sensations. Especially as a child seeks to understand gender differences (what makes me a boy or a girl, what are the differences with the other sex?), without wanting to seduce or procreate. Through the hentai games you can have the perfect utility now.

Sexual games involving the observation or touching of the genitals or the sharing of kisses on the mouth or cheeks will allow children to compare and differentiate themselves from the opposite sex.

What role can a parent play during the sexual exploration of his child?

Although a parent cannot avoid the exploration of sexuality in his child, he has the power to supervise, educate or intervene in certain cases. A parent can teach his child that touching his genitals is something intimate. Thus, the child will be able to integrate this notion of intimacy as well as the notion of respect for oneself and others. By the same token, the parent could answer the child’s questions about sexuality and, if necessary, tell him the limits that should not be exceeded.

Finally, while some sexual games may be part of healthy sexual development, others may be of more concern. For example, if children who play sexual games do not have the same age or developmental level it can be questioning. Or, if one of them experiences emotional distress, anger, fear or anxiety or if the game involves the insertion of objects or the penetration of a body part, it would be so important to turn to professional resources.

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