Come on ladies, do not be shy. If you are not yet a porn fan, take a look at this article. You might be convinced that porn is not bad. Here are reasons to look at it without restraint because after all, we only have the good that we do.

  1. Masturbating is good for you

Whether it’s to get to know your body or sleep, there are a thousand reasons to masturbate. But the first, and most important, is to do well! To give a helping hand, we launch porn, just to get in the leg. Given the number of categories, there is one that should please you. Excitement guaranteed! And then, caressing provides a well-being that is second to none. Go and read our good reasons to get started.

  1. One is never as well served as by oneself

You know each other better than anyone. And you should abuse orgasms, for the same reasons mentioned above. If your darling has the gift of satisfying you, you still have the right to want more and develop sexuality with yourself. There is no harm in that.

  1. All our fantasies can come alive

Looking a little, you might be surprised by your own fantasies. The advantage of porn sites is that they portray our most obscene thoughts. Say one thing: if you think about it, it has already been done. By watching videos in private browsing, you offer yourself a moment without shame, without restraint. You can really let yourself go and it will remain your little secret.

  1. It is a source of learning

Although pornography should not be used as an example, because some people sometimes convey a false image of sex, they can still be instructive about certain practices. The sources of pleasure are multiple. Becoming aware allows you to explore your sexuality and to unfold. From free pornstv this is important now.

  1. We can look at it in duo

You are not particularly fan of porn? Including when it is question that your partner looks at it? What if you tried the experience together? This practice could encourage discussions and bring extra keys to your pursuit of pleasure.

  1. It’s not just sex machete

If there is one reason to be tempted, this is the novelty. There is a real release of porn. Many women directors have launched a new wave of feminist porn, focused on the pleasure of women. Porn no longer rhymes with facial cum shot and degrading behavior. It can even be poetic, if that’s what you like.

  1. Love sex is not abnormal

We tend to be abnormal or we are afraid of deviant behavior because we are looking at porn. It even happens regularly that we feel “dirty” immediately after enjoying porn. However, we will never repeat it: there is nothing shameful. Love sex is not a problem. It’s time to unpack and stop making it a taboo. Let’s not be afraid to say it, sex can be very good and there is no reason to deprive yourself if it is consented and enjoyable.

When it comes to sex on the phone, different people have different opinions. Some people consider it a strange way to have a good time on the phone, and other people consider it strange and dirty. If you want to learn the idea of ​​sexual sex with a woman, you must understand that for her she may think that this is strange and dirty. Making a woman try to have sex with a phone is not always easy, but if that is what you want to happen, keeps reading.

There are several small tips and tricks that can help you guide her so she can at least try it. There is nothing wrong with a small experiment, and if you talk on the phone, it seems like something you want to try with a woman, this can usually be achieved.

Here are some tips on how to make her try to have sex with you:

  1. Start the conversation as usual.

If you start a conversation trying to make her sexy, and this is something that seems strange or uncomfortable, she will eventually hang you. I might end up wondering why you say that or something like that, but you really do not want to risk yourself and never call again. Therefore, you should take things as always, with it, so that you start in the right place.

  1. Knit in some sexual innuendos and comments in a conversation to make it work.

He always wants to be subtle in matters related to sexual contact with a woman, unless he is someone who is really there and is stupid with his sexuality. If you stick to the conservative side, when it comes to sex, too many conversations too soon will end up giving you the opportunity to ask them to talk to you on the phone. See how he reacts and uses his reaction as a signal about whether to continue or remain thin.

  1. Do not make her feel like a sex telephony operator.

One of the main reasons why a woman will resist the idea of ​​having telephone sex is the simple fact that she does not want to feel like a sex telephony operator. If this is the woman you know and you make her feel like she’s just someone calling to become a stranger, then she’ll probably feel a little cheap and used by you.